Dan – Going Solo

Shortly after Christmas I sat down to do a bit of personal target setting.  It occurred to me that other than regular group rides and the annual trip to France, I didn’t really have any riding based targets to aim for.  Last year I did my first Crit race, and to be honest, didn’t really enjoy it.  It helped me to conclude that I didn’t want to compete in them regularly but it left me a little out in the wilderness.

In August 2015 I did Prudential Ride London, which I did enjoy and completed in a much faster time than I’d expected.  I entered the ballot for a place in 2016, but wasn’t successful so that was out of the equation.  Time for a re-think.

I’ve also just started commuting to work, 235km a week if I ride in and back every day, so I started to think about something more endurance based.  A few years ago, the company I work for organised and ran a 24hr cycling event at the Rockingham Motor Speedway, I took part in a team of 4 and although it was hell, I really enjoyed it.  So that got me to thinking, what about going it alone?

So, after a bit of research, my target for 2016 is Revolve24.  Some of you may have heard of it, some may not.  It’s held on the 9-10th September at Brands Hatch on the Grand Prix circuit.  My entry was confirmed today, I’ll be taking part solo.  I have no idea what to expect really, so I’ll be doing some reading on tactics, nutrition, planning and generally how to take part in a 24hr event on your own.

In the meantime, I’ll be commuting as much as I can, and doing group rides with the lads around the Chilterns.  Hopefully I’ll also manage to post a bit more regularly.

That’s all for now!