Fixed state of mind

With the new year well under way we are all searching for new targets. With Dan’s training for 2015 crit racing going to a great start, I felt it was time that I stepped up to the plate.
This is where it all starts, what to do…. So people that know me will know that I like fixies, A bike with a gear that does not freewheel, there are not many race series for fixed geared bikes in the UK that isn’t track cycling. I have looked in to track cycling and we will be doing a track session soon with the CT team and friends, but until then I want to stay out side riding in the open air. With nothing jumping out in the race sense for me I’ve been looking at events or challenges, I have been throwing round some ideas of London to Paris or something like that. But i haven’t set anything in stone yet. One thing that will be happening is the Dunwich Dynamo, A event started by fixie riders in 1993 where riders start off in Hackney Loondon and ride over night to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast. The ride is around 120 miles or 193km for those who work in km’s.

So the training has started.
I have been heading down to a new gym in Hemel Hempstead and working on the legs hard, focusing on each muscle on its own to help get the most power out of them. The gym has a bike that shows your WATT’s which is a good training tool for me holding the WATT’s at a set output. My aim is to spin at home on days that I’m not down the gym to help add endurance to my fitness. Don’t worry I’m not forgetting about the rest of my body at the gym, working arms with help with grip and staying on the bike.


So Until I work out my main challenge I will be training for the Dunwich Dynamo. I will keep you all updated and don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page.