Matt – New bike and new training

For those that have missed my last post I am aiming to race next year in the central league cyclocross series.

After completing my first FTP test I can now work out my training zones. This will help me improve many points of my cycling. Below is a copy of my current zones:



This week I have started my training, late on in the week but it’s still a start. I will be posting my training plan as it evolves. This plan is based around my requirements and may not work for everyone.


15mins at zone 2
12×5 leg extensions at 1/3 of 1RM
12X5 leg press at 1/3 of 1RM
12×5 squats at 1/3 of 1RM
12×5 hamstring curls at 1/3 of 1RM
12×5 calf raises at 1/3 of 1RM


Today was my first trip out on the new bike,and what a mixed ride it was.

Need to do some tweeks to the bike set up; gearing, tyres and fit are the main tweeks needed.
The bike is running 53/39 11/28. Yes I know this is a crazy ratio especially for a cross bike. The groupset was donated to me and that was the only ratio they had at the time. So new chain rings will be ordered very soon.

I have just fitted Specialized tracer sport’s. They are at the cheaper end of the scale of tyres RRP is £20 each. They worked great in some parts of my test circuit but baddly in others. (Full review coming soon)

The bike fit could do with some adjustment, the bike has been put together with no real focus on bike fit for me I just wanted to get out and test it! Over the next couple of weeks I will be having a full bikefit, this will fix any problems I’m having with fit.

The main focus of today’s ride was to firstly test the new bike, but also to find a local loop that I could use for training. The training loop needed to be within a 10min ride from my house and have a good mix of cyclocross elements. And man did I find it!
With just a scout round I have found some very promising routes. With steep off road hill climbs, very tight twisting tree sections as well as boggy grass parts and fast tarmac sections. Just need to go out and workout my training loop. Aim in to have a 10min loop that I can repeat 6 times to give a good realistic CX race training ground.

Over the next coming week I need to focus on my speed and endurance, this will be done with a mix of gym and cycling work. Working on technique that I have required over years of mountain biking and adapting then to CX riding.

Until next time, keep riding and don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Twitter and instagram. If you yourself are training or untaking any cycling don’t forget to use the #chaintherapy so we can see what you guys and gals are getting up to.