Matt- Only me to blame

It’s been a while since I posted an update, too long in fact. So with that a little update with my cycling and plans.

Well it’s official, I am doing Mountain Mayhem. I have signed up to compete in the 24hr event solo, it seemed a good idea at the time. With the event in only 56 days and training going slow I have started to try up my training.

I have been trying to get out on my cyclocross bike as much as I can to build up my miles. Yesterday I got finally got out on my mountain bike with a trip down to Swinley Forest Bike Hub, what a great place!



I have ridden there 3times before the last being around 2years ago.
My aim for the day was to work out a steady pace. I was looking to average 7mph but would be happy with anything over 5mph, yes only 5mph I know this seems slow but when you are riding for 24 hours I’m aiming for slow and steady finishes the race! I currently don’t have any cycle computer on my bike just Strava on my phone which is in my pocket.
After the ride sitting in the cafe I got the first chance to look at the data from the ride, 7.5mph average speed which I’m really happy with. Didn’t feel like I was pushing too hard, and that I could hold the speed for a lot longer.


Wasn’t the longest ride ever due to other commitments on the day, but was a good test day. Getting a Garmin this weekend thanks to Peter Shaw (check his cycling blog out with this be bit of tech I’m hoping when I’m out riding I can keep an eye on my avg speed so I don’t over pace myself.

My aim before mayhem is to get to Swinley Forest at least 2 more times plus some local loops. To do training rides in the dark to get used to riding at night, and well just get out and rack up the miles really.
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Until next time keep riding.