Protect your bike

Its a nice Sunday morning the sun is out, the better half has said you can go out on your bike. You get all kitted up walk out to the shed, you think to yourself ” I’m sure I locked this?” you open the door and it hits you hard. Someone has helped themselves to your pride and joy. Its OK your home contents insurance will over it…. Or will it?

After looking the average cover for standard contents insurance is only £500, now will the cover the cost or your bike? not even the wheels? well it’s time to look at bicycle insurance.

We have started to look in to this for you.

Below is a table of our findings, we looked at the first 4 companies that came up on a Google search.
Each quote was using the same information, Bike value of £2000 and living is a not the greatest area of Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire (HP3). The table includes the main options included in basic over, some of the companies include more features in basic cover, Most had paid add ons.

Some key features we like were:
In vehicle cover – you may find your vehicle insurance only covers low value bikes,
Agreed value- this included modifications, as we all like to upgrade our bikes,
Race cover – this did change from company to company, mass starts seemed to be a key factor to this.

Most included bicycle hire if yours was stolen, what sort of bike you would be hired was not stated, an Apollo to replace your Cervélo may be a possibility.

All our quotes were quick instant quotes, you may have different results.

Cost PA theft and accidental damage new for old Agreed Value Bicycle hire Cycling Accessories Race Fees Cover In-vehicle Cover
CycleGuard £142.00  X  X  X  X
Evans Cycles £149.00  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
ETA £166.42  X  X  X
Cycle Cover £148.40  X  X