Films Pt1

As much as we all like to be out on our bikes sometimes you just need abit of hyping up to get out, even more so when the weather is bad.  This has been helped over the years with YouTube, Facebook and other media sites, but some times a good old bike DVD is what is needed.

We have decided to put some films and clips we think you should watch to help you get in the mood to ride your bike.

First thinks first and old classics,







Chainspotting (1997), Directed by Nicholas Brown.

This is a film for all the older riders to remember the good old days, and for new riders to learn about the history of MTB. A star packed line up, Martyn Ashton,  Martin Hawyes,  Wil Longden,  Hans”no way” Rey and  Rob Warner show the roots of MTB cycling.



tricks and stunts

Tricks & Stunts (2001) Directed by Adam Kaleta
The film that make everyone what to start trials! With the two Martin’s on full comedy
attack, Showing off their skills on a bike and their sense of humor that will have you in stitches they set out to show you how to master the fundamentals of trials. with special guessed like Hans “No Way” Rey this film will have you shopping for a new bike by the end of it.


Now to bring it abit more up to date.

Roam, Directed by The Collective

This is my go to film when I need to get in the mood to it the trails. It’s filmed it a completely different format to most bike films, Its changed the way bike films have been filmed ever since.


With out a doubt we have missed out lots of other films, Down, Double Down,Jib, and many many more. Now time for some short films.

With the release of the new Road Bike Party 3, Think it would be a good place to start. The Road Bike Party was started off by Martin Ashton, The legend of trials biking.  As most of you know Martyn had an accident at the 2013 British Moto GP on his trials bike which left him paralyzed from the waist down. His accident happened half way through filming Road Bike Part 2, this would stop most films from being finished….. NO Martyn did not what this to happen so he made a couple of phone calls and called 2 of the new skool trials riders Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg. They stepped up to the plate and killed it.


And the newly released Road Bike Part 3, This time Sam Pilgrim stepped up and with his own twist this new film pushes the limits of a road bike more than ever before.


This is a small selection of the films out there and we will be bring you more soon. So stay lock on to Chain Therapy for more cycling news.