For the love of cycling?

What exactly is it that I love about cycling?

Over the last 3 weeks or so I have asked myself this question more times than I can count.  Mostly whilst contemplating putting my bike on eBay and getting a new hobby.

When I scheduled this post it was earmarked as being a “post Revolve24 summary and discussion”.  It was also supposed to go live in the final week of September….

From the fact that we are now a third of the way through October, you may well sense that all did not go to plan during my second tilt at the Brands Hatch based 24hour race, and you’d be right.  However, I’m not going to spend this post dwelling on that.  It’s been and gone.  My toys have been thrown out of the pram, then re-gathered and tidied.  Instead I’ve been busy reflecting on why I enjoy cycling, and how to get more out of my time on a bike.  This has led to a bit of a change of philosophy.  Why put all my eggs in to one event shaped basket?  Why not just ride bikes, and make the most of the benefits to cycling.  Namely keeping fit and seeing places in a totally different way to being sat in a car.

This brings me back to that initial question.  What do I love about cycling?  Over the next few months my only aim is to try and work that out, and document it as I do.  As well as my commuting during the week I want to use cycling to visit parts of the UK that I’ve never been to before, and hopefully having some new adventures along the way.  Whether they are on my own, or with friends.

On the second weekend of November we have a ride around the perimeter of the M25 in the diary which should be a decent day out, with some café stops and plenty of cake along the way.  After that, the diary is blank.  So if you have any ideas of places I should ride out to that I could potentially get a train back to Hemel from let me know.

Before I get on to that though, there is one last event in the pipeline for 2017, and that is the Redbull Timelaps event over the final weekend of October.  I’m entered with a Chilterns (with a little bit of Essex) based team, all super strong but new to the 24hr game.  We are planning social media content around the event as we speak, so keep your eyes open over the next few weeks as we gear up for what is inevitably going to be bit of an end of season party event, with 150 teams and the backing of Redbull, it’s bound to be something special