They have your back!

With 200 years of bicycles and cycling we have see lots of new products hit the market. In recent years the focus going towards filming, this could be for fun to capture you and your mates riding or from a safety point of view. As we are seeing more and more in the news and on social media, cyclists are getting in more accidents on the roads and even attacked. We all know this needs to stop, one way to try combat this is to have evidence to show this is happening. When out I see more and more cyclists with GoPros, Contours and other action cameras set up on their helmets and bikes. After talking to many cyclists it turns out just having the camera on them does stop any attackers in their tracks.

Camera mounted capturing everything you see, but what about the stuff you don’t see or cant, the stuff from behind. This is where the FLY6 has your back. The rear light and camera combo is a bit of fresh thinking. This product has jumped in to the public eye by the crowd funding site Kick Starter.
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