The final count down

Not sure where the time has gone, next week I will be doing my first solo 24 hour mountain bike race. As I’m writing this I have been struck down with a nasty cold, yes I know I need to “man up”. Just happy I got it this week and not next.

Well the only way to describe my traing is non existent really. I have done some pace setting rides, this was to make sure my planned pace was do able. I have not trained for distance at all which could be the biggest problem. I would like to say it will be a good bench mark of my ability so next year I can show the difference training helps, not sure there will be a next year only time will tell.

I have started planning a list of kit I’m taking (see my instagram account @mattblacksheep ) and ordering new kit.
New delivery of endura clothing ready for testing at the race. I will be taking all my kit so I can get changed every couple of hours.
I have spares for the bike and different tyre options to, so overall think I should be ok.

The weather forecast has been changing a lot over the last couple of weeks but then that’s nothing new. I’m just hoping for no rain, but at the same time don’t want it too hot.
I’m planning on getting there as mid day on the Friday before the event to get a good pitch and start setting up base. The support van will not arrive until the Friday evening.
Friday will consist of last minute bike prep and making sure everything is in place. Then a not to early night so hopefully I get a lay in to cut down the time I’m awake, as if 24hrs isn’t enough already.
Then Saturday morning get up get dressed and get on it.
Depending on phone signal I’m planning on regular instagram updates on my personal account ( @mattblacksheep ) so follow me now and watch for updates.
Until then wish me luck!